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Reviews: Sugar Control

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  • Sugar Control

    This product really works!! I was a little hesitant about its effectiveness; however, I purchased it anyway. I am so glad that I did; because, it took all of my sugar cravings completely away!! I bought one bottle in September 2007, and to this day, March 4, 2008, I still don't have sugar cravings. I highly recommend this product for those who either want to decrease their sugar cravings, lose weight, or suffer from Candida. *
  • Sugar Control

    The sugar control was great. I have shared with my husband and my sister. They liked it as well. Thanks again DHerbs. You are a GOD send. *
  • Sugar Control

    I love how this product takes away my desire for sweet. My have in my cabinet! *
  • Sugar Control

    The Sugar Control formula has worked well to curve my appetite/need for sugary substances, especially diet sodas. Now when I try to "sneak" them, I can tell the difference and usually don't finish the bottle/can. *
  • Sugar Control

    I noticed a decreased in sugar craving on this supplement. The Sugar Control is effective, I would recommended it. *
  • Sugar Control

    The sugar control formula is absolutely effective.. It controls my sugar craving for sodas that I should not drink so much. I would highly recommend this product. *
  • Sugar Control

    The Sugar Control product really helps with sugar cravings. I take it right before I eat and I don't have the usual cravings. *
  • Sugar Control

    Sugar Buster is a really great product. For the past few years, I've significantly cut back on my sugar intake, but I still battle with a sweet tooth. While I've mostly stuck with natural sweeteners (organic maple syrup, raw agave, etc.), I can't avoid a cookie or cupcake every now and then. For that, I now have this lovely product to keep my cravings in check. If only I had experienced this product as a child. It really helps. *
  • Sugar Control

    I too was really hesitant to believe the claims, but it REALLY does work. I am a complete sugar junkie and in the short time that I've been taking it those cravings have literally just *disappeared*. I no longer spend my whole day looking for my next hit. It's incredible. *
17 results

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Sugar Control 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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