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Reviews: The Female Cleanse

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  • The Female Cleanse

    On 8/8/2011 I completed the Dherbs Total Woman Cleanse, I want to let everyone know that this cleanse does far more than what is written. My entire body looks and feels utterly breathtaking!! I have clarity like never before, my skin is like a beautiful crystal vase, it's flawless. The sexual goddess in me makes music like I have never had before. During the 21 days of the cleanse, I didn't experience anything but 100% positivity, and satisfaction. Please keep in mind I did the Full Body Detox prior to this cleanse and I don't consume any meat or dairy products, I also exercise 3-4 times per week and take baths at least 4 times per week. One more added bonus is that I'm able to meditate and hold on to my thoughts much better. I'm currently doing the Electric Green Cell Food Cleanse to rebuild my body with everything it needs. Many Blessing JuliAna~ *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I performed the total woman cleanse a couple of years ago and experienced great results. I have decided to make it an annual cleanse and I highly recommend it. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    This Total Woman Cleanse has worked for me with great wonders, it made me lose a few pounds which I was happy with and I feel so much better, I really can't explain the great change it did for me. This cleanse will help you feel and think better. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I really love the Total Woman Cleanse. I noticed yeast infections that I've had for years subsiding. I got tired of buying those creams. This product is a Godsend. Thank you, Dherbs. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    My wife completed the cleanse and surprisingly felt at her best while taking the supplements, and following the detailed instructions included in the cleanse~which included wearing the gold magnet. She thought she would feel weak among other concerns but with discipline and focusing on the recommendations included in the cleanse, she didn't. She anticipates completing the Uterus Cleanse and Regimen next. We look forward to sharing the total results after her second cleanse from Dherbs. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I absolutely loved this product. I was having a lot of issues with my menstrual cycle. I have noticed my cycles being more regular and my skin clearer...(hope not tmi). the first couple days was difficult as I was going through the cleansing phase, but I stuck with it. By week 2, I felt much better, had more energy, mental clarity and noticed my stomach getting flatter. I am going to do it again. And I did lose 12lbs. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    My husband and I just completed our cleanse, while I did the female cleanse, my husband did the male cleanse. We completed our cleanses and felt great, we had mental clarity, and changing our eating habits were not as difficult as we thought. My husband released a lot of weight and although my scale did not show more than 3 pounds, I am in clothes that I could not wear at the start of the cleanse. I feel great and people stop me and compliment me on my skin. I must admit I look great and I am even complimented on my looks more- I believe when you feel great, your light shines brighter. We are thinking of doing another cleanse but not sure which one next. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I completed this cleanse after the Full Body Cleanse, and I felt the difference. My cycle seemed to be more regular, one of the reasons for doing the female cleanse. My libido also seemed to improve, even though this was not a reason for doing the cleanse. Because of the change to my diet, I also lost weight. As part of both cleanses, I took more baths instead of showers, and got massages. Since I couldn't work out too intensely during the two cleanse, I did yoga, the treadmill, and took walks. All of that in addition to the cleanse seemed to help with the cleanse experience. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I just completed my 20 day Female Cleanse, and I truly must say this was the best decision I could have ever made. Immediately I could tell that the products were working. I took all of the prescribed capsules which consisted of the Female Hormonal, Yoni Cleanser, Menstrual Cycle Formula, Female Breast, Hair, Skin, Nails, & Bowel Motion. It also included the Gold Magnet Therapy and the Daily Meditation w/ (Rose Quartz Crystal). Each set of capsules targeted that specific area, which I thought was phenomenal. I loved how everything was pre-laid out from start to finish. The instructions and recommendations were so clear and concise on what to do and how to do it, that it couldn’t be nothing but a full proof no fail product. This has been a great experience for my Mind, Body & Soul, through and through. In total, I have lost 15lbs. I am 10lbs away from my ideal weight, in which I know I’ll be able to achieve since this has proven thus far. The Female Cleanse has given me greater insight on how important it is as a woman to take better care of myself and better care of my body (Head to Toe). My mind is clear; my body is healthier and my soul is at peace... I recommend that every woman try this specific product (Female Cleanse), you won't be disappointed...:) Thanks Dherbs for an amazing 20 Days. I'll see you again real soon. *
71 results

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