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Reviews: The Female Cleanse

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  • The Female Cleanse

    I am so happy with the product (Total Woman Cleanse). I had issues with endometriosis, fibroids, cystic breasts. I have a new life with this product. The pain is 70% gone, the mass/growth is smaller. It's been the best thing I've ever done! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I would highly recommend this product. I noticed changes after a few days. I have seen things in my stools that are hard to explain and I feel the changes that are happening in my body. It is the best product that I have used and I plan to use the other products under DHerbs. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    My wife has done the female cleanse with dherbs and absolutely loved it! This cleanse helped her to feel more energetic, regulate her body and in addition it helped her to shed those few pounds that she wanted! My wife and I have chosen to do dherbs at least once a year because of the wonderful benefits it has. You should definitely give dherbs a try if you haven't. We have tried many different cleanses and none can compare with this wonderful product! When you try dherbs, you will not go back to anything else! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I suffer from bad,prolonged PMS and taking this product really made a difference. I didn't feel sluggish and my energy level never went down. I also noticed I didn't retain water like i normally would have. I've also lost 15 pounds and counting since useing this product. I definitely would recommend it to any woman that is suffering during that time of the month. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I love dherbs however, I didn't follow directions and am unable to give an accurate review. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I completed The Female Cleanse. I tried to use the gold plated magnet but the adhesive to hold the magnet made by my skin itch so I only use the magnet the first three days. My nails are nice and strong. Skin looked a little clearer. I even slept better. The rose crystal I believe helped me sleep better. I will do The Female Cleanse once a year. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I tried the Female Cleanse because I have been on birth control so long that I fear infertility or fertility complications. I trusted this cleanse because it instructed to eat vegan, which is completely necessary for the herbs to work. Being vegan will naturally shed pounds, plus the colon cleansers helps to eliminate waist your body rids of detoxification from herbs. I didn't loose a ton of weight as I expect, but then again I'm not over weight so maybe I didn't have much weight I needed to loose. My system certainly feels much cleaner. I love love the magnets that the cleanse comes with. The cleanse encourages you to learn about magnet therapy and how it can help balance energy. I feel much stronger when I wear the magnets. I took the antiviral formula along with this cleanse to get rid of viruses that could be trapped in tissue or membranes. The only negative side effect that I experienced with this cleanse is occasional hyperhydrosis on my back, chest, and hands. I asked the herb specialist and they said it was just my hormones balancing them self and its not permanent. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who has ever had a bacterial infection, yeast infection, viral infection, low immune system, about to start a new relationship, or trying to get pregnant. Products like this are rare. Very beneficial holistic approach to healing and treating. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    The Total Woman Cleanse really helped to shorten the length and heaviness of my cycle. It also helped to clear up some hormonal acne I was experiencing. An unexpected effect was that it spiritually opened up some feminine energies that were blocked. I definitely recommend this product! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I tried the Total Woman Cleanse and saw it through. I'm prone to cysts and lumps and it did make the palpable ones smaller which is great. I actually gained 2 lbs on this, so don't think it's a weight loss formula unless your eating habits are bad! While I like the product, I am a meat eater by nature (in more moderation now!!!) and tend to gain weight on a vegetarian diet. (All of my meat purchases are organic/hormone free etc.) I would certainly recommend this cleanse for women who need to rebalance their female issues. My period was very heavy during the cleanse, which I assume was clearing out with a lot of other stuff! I also dropped my coffee habit on this cleanse! Might be a good once a year cleanse, maybe every season, depending on your issues! I also really liked the thyroid magnet and am considering making a choker to wear sometimes to help my thyroid. *
68 results

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