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Reviews: The Male Cleanse

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  • The Male Cleanse

    The Total Male Cleanse, took my internal body to another level. I had just did a colon detox in Nov'08 and I started The Male Cleanse in Dec'08. I have lost 8.5 pounds, Sleep GREAT, Feel STONGER, Think CLEARER. I have recommend to ALL men. Continue to provide GREAT service. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    Great product! It really works! I was surprised that I experienced what Dherbs claimed the product will do for a Man. I myself experienced it and so did my partner. Will be taking this product often throughout the years. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I first completed the Full Body Detox, in about 2 weeks I felt like I was twenty years younger! I had good nights of sleep and high energy levels… My PSA levels were high so I went ahead and ordered the Total Male Cleanse. By my next appointment, my PSA levels were lowered by six points. It really works!! And it also works in that other area. Thank you Dherbs for life. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I loved what this product says it will do and has done. The weight loss is great. Sexual health is now outstanding. Thank you. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    Total Male Cleanse is great, I noticed a difference in a week of using it, from my energy level to my sleep it was more sound and not restless, I'm going on my second week stronger than ever I would highly recomend TMC to all men and have already done so. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    While the Total Male Cleanse diet was similar to the FBD, the results were very different. Although I lost more weight, the TMC was a different experience. Writing this review is difficult because the total effects are hard explained; I guess because TMC targets specifically male organs. To sum things up, I have more energy and I feel great from a masculine standpoint. Overall, it was a great experience. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I enjoyed The Male Cleanse, my urine flow is great I am a believer in DHerbs! Everything I have tried thus far has helped tremendously. I will now do The Male Cleanse once a year. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    The Total Male Cleanse is well worth the money you put into it. I have taken this product before, and I love how it made me feel and relaxes my muscles and my mind. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    The Total Male Cleanse is a guys best friend. The number one tool for getting ur mojo back. I do it all the time.... *
21 results

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The Male Cleanse 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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