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Reviews: Weight Release Formula

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  • Weight Release Formula

    It really works!!! I'll order them again! Thanks Dherbs!!! *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I love this product so far . Gently on my stomach. No side effects I have experience. Needs lots of water with is product. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I tried so many things out there and they didn't work at all. But the weight release formula really works... I love it. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This is truly a winner along with the booster. More energy and much lighter with fast results. I keep a supply and feel lost without it. Dherbs has changed the way I eat and my lifestyle. No more bloated feeling and I recommend it to everyone. This is truly the way to go. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I love the Weight Release Formula. I started noticing a difference after the second day...IT REALLY DOES help me shed weight from my mid section. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I tried the weight release formula and it works. I'm currently using it now daily after doing the full body cleanse and uterus cleanse. I have not gained any weight back so far, and it seems to keep you going to the bathroom regularly which is a good thing. Love the products I've tried so far. And looking forward to trying more. Thanks again Dherbs. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I took the Weight Release Formula along with some of the other products to lose weight for my wedding. I lost a total of 25lbs. and felt great. I will give these products a 5 star rating. This is the best weight release herb I have used. I would recommend these products to my friends, family and to anyone that is wanting to make healthy lifestyle change. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I really love the Weight Release Formula....I used this after the Full Body Cleanse and it helped me maintain my weight! Thanks again DHerbs for another product that really works. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This is one of many items I use and I love it thank u so much Dherbs.... *
88 results

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Weight Release Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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