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Reviews: Yoni Cleanser

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  • Yoni Cleanser

    I just wanted to Yoni cleaner a few weeks ago and I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now. My body feel so energetic and so clean I would order again and continue taking it a great product I recommend it for anyone who wants to feel fresh and clean This is the best product that I have ordered and I will continue ordering in the future *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    First let me tell you that the shipping of this product was really fast and came faster than expected. Now lets talk about the product! Before I ordered I read the many reviews and I was quite impressed and said to myself I need to try for myself. I struggle with bad periods and bad discharge before and after periods which is horrible. The first night of trying it, I had already felt better. It was like my body was telling me thank you! The next morning, I felt very clean and noticed I woke up with no discharge whereas last night before I took them I had some. I was in shock. This product is definitely a keeper and I will continue to use it and order some more. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I used this product as part of the 20-day Fibroid Cleanse, and it's been amazing. I definitely can tell a difference in how I feel during the days leading into my cycle -- no bloating, pain or PMS. It includes an herb called shatavari, which is from an Indian word meaning "a woman who has a hundred husbands." 'Nuff said! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    The Yoni Cleanser is the best product and I feel great!!!!!!!!! thanks dherbs! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    Yoni cleanser work for me during pelvic pain and discomfort. I take three capsules and the pain in my pelvic is gone. I trust the Yoni cleanser and will continue to use it. Thanks *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I absolutely love Dherbs! Nothing that the doctors will give you will beat the natural way of treatment and prevention! I have been budgeting my money so I can afford these cleanses as a college student because I have never found products so good! Thanks so much Dherbs! This Yoni Cleanser is the truth for keeping your candy box clean! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    This product cured my bout with BV. I'd had BV off and on for a year prior to purchasing and THANK GOD for Dherbs! It's been 6 years and I have not have BV since! The Yoni Cleanser is a Godsend! Thank you Dherbs!!! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    i suffered from bacteria vaginosis and yeast infections every month before and after my period. Nothing worked and I was tired of going back and forth to the doctor for prescriptions. I didn't even take the Yoni Formula the way I was supposed to and it began to cleanse within days. I love this product! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    Ladies you should keep Yoni Cleanser handy at all time... I have reorder this product many times for the great benefits it gives me. *
69 results

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