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Reviews: Yoni Cleanser

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  • Yoni Cleanser

    I have found this product to be very helpful. It keeps things balanced and also seems to generally aid in a feeling of well being! Thank you DHerbs! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    It helps with my cycle each month. I started having really bad cramping and I had never had it before and after I started taking this they stopped two months later. It is a life saver. It also helps with limiting the amount of time your cycle lasts. My cycle went from seven days to four days. I'm trying to do better with my health and my body so I am using herbs to get my body back to where it needs to be. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I purchased the Anti-V Formula along with the Yoni Cleanser. I took both herbal supplements everyday. I was able to tell the difference in my immune system (Anti-V) and my Reproductive area (Yoni Cleanser) within a week and a half. I was not sneezing as much and sleeping was not a problem anymore. I will continue to purchase both products and other items to help my body. Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I could smell myself through my pants on most days. I knew i had to do something. I see Dherbs advertising on instagram so i decided to try them out. I took this three times daily with alchemist gold maybe a few times a weeks and drank pure cranberry juice everyday, and I'm glad to say I have been back to smelling fresh and clean all day. I no longer have to take be self conscious. Will order again!!! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I see a major improvement in this area. Will continue to use each month. Thanks! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I've been using Yoni Cleanser for years now and it's the BEST!!! I have not had any problems with itching or anything else, as it truly does what it's supposed to do. My skin feels clean and I don't break out and when I sweat, that's the first thing I turn to!! I can't live without it. :-) *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I love the yoni cleanser, my symptoms were gone in a few days of use. I've tried some other products when I didn't have enough money to purchase this, but this beats any other product out there! Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I ordered this formula for general maintenance of my reproductive system and hormones. I found it to be totally effective in eliminating the discharge issue I had throughout the month without causing dryness. Sex was more enjoyable as well. I felt energized and had no side effects or complaints. I think it also helps with my sometimes unpredictable moods/hormones. I would recommend this formula along with any other DHerbs product! Peace of mind-whole health..Enjoy *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I had a slight odor from of course my diet. And I honestly used the Yoni Formula for two days, and the smell was gone!!! Thanks Dherbs. Oh and its still gone and I haven't finished the bottle or haven taken the capsules in 2 weeks! *
75 results

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