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Reviews: Zinc Formula

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  • Zinc Formula

    After the FBD, I was looking for products that would enhance my overall health. The Zinc Phosphate was a personal choice to complement and support, as well as promote hair growth and skin. It is a pleasant experience to have the Zinc working to give me this renewed confidence with hair strengthening. Thanks for the quality products. *
  • Zinc Formula

    With my studies about zinc deficiency, I learned that someone with low zinc will have symptoms of white spots on fingernails or toes, after taking the zinc pills from Dherbs the white spots have gradually risen to my fingernail from the bottom of my fingernails & now I can clip the white spots out. Another amazing product from Dherbs that does exactly what it says and gets to the root of the problem. *
  • Zinc Formula

    Great Product. I think I'll stick to Dherbs products. *
  • Zinc Formula

    The biggest thing of all we have noticed with taking this formula is the boost of our energy level and the overall improvement in our skin, and just that overall feeling of greatness. We really glad we made the purchase. *
  • Zinc Formula

    The Zinc Phosphate has been very helpful in all areas. I use it for general health purposes, as well as a means to strengthen, fortify the male lower regions. This is a most at my age (58). Thanx. *
  • Zinc Formula

    The Zinc Phosphate Formula has been everything I have expected quite helpful in all areas like hair is stronger and thicker actual growth too awesome. I use it for general health and recommended to everyone *
  • Zinc Formula

    SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! The Zinc formula has help me improve and maintain healthy skin. I've just re-ordered :) *
  • Zinc Formula

    With the use of the Zinc Phosphate, and the hair and nail formula, my hair has started to grow in a lot thicker. This will be a regular purchase. Thanks Dherbs *
  • Zinc Formula

    Great product, knocks out colds and sinus problems with the quickness. *
18 results

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