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Comments: Full Body Cleanse

Hey....i finally finished the 20 days... lost 19.5 lbs...skin look better, more energy, and continue to eat healthy...friends are asking me about how i did it. I think dherbs need to hire me (hint hint), cause some of my friends are ordering the product. My next goal os to drop another15 lbs...wish me luck....love ya'll.
omg!!! tears are flowing because of happiness thank you so much for coming out with this producct..... i'm so happy this is the best product i have ever used and it truely works.. i've lost 44 pounds in 3 months thank you DHERBS....
Hey Family! Yesterday was day 20 of the Full Body Cleanse. Last night I looked in the mirror and started giggling. I was so proud of myself for hanging in there...20 days and no cheats at all. This morning I pulled out the scale to see what 'we' had accomplished. After stepping on the scale the 3rd time, I went and got my reading glasses...just to be sure I was looking at it correctly. I was...and I "released" 25 pounds!!! Almost forgot...that was 25 pounds WITH NO EXERCISING! My only disappointment is that I didn't push away from work and take daily walks...can you imagine what the results could have been?!!! When I started the journey my only thought was finishing. Last night - I ordered my Maintenance Package (big smile); Today - nice green spinach salad for dinner...and no meat! LOL. The FBC is the real thing! Thanks to Dherbs for providing the products, plan and encouragement for us to make life improving changes. Thank You!!!!
My husband and I are on day 11 of the 20 day cleanse. This week has been the most difficult for me. I guess because the end is near and my kids are around me eating, but so far I have lost 7lbs and my husband 10lbs. We already changed our eating habilts, but we will continue once the cleanse is over.
I have heard of the cleanse on the Steve Harvey Morning show several times and I have just ordered it today. I have been working out somewhat regularly and I havent seen any results. I can't wait for the product to come to get started. Large stomachs run in my family and I am hoping that this with regular exercise will help to eliminate that problem. I also am very tired and sluggish. I find it extremely hard to stick to anything but for the cost of the product I am hoping it will keep me on track. I look forward to writing about my results. :)
I started a few days ago and feel great. Ijust called and asked the rep. about coffee.NOOOO COFFEE was my answer. Also, it was suggested that I eat fruit for breakfast instead of skipping a meal. I've been struggling with obesity for over ten years. I have a spark of hope with DHerbs. I hear great results from several people I know personally. I have energy, I'm not hungry. I eat my salad and I'm really good. Now I must add some new foods to my list. Healthy! No late night run to the gas station down the street for a nutty bar.
12-10-14 today is my last day on dherbs.. Thank you!!! I lost 14 lbs. have not taken any blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is now very normal. Eating the raw food diet was not difficult at all. Our family normally eats meals with out meat anyways and never any pork or beef and we eat lots of fresh fruits. Relia Johnson. I'm so happy!!!
Been hearing about this for a while but I saw people at the Neighborhood awards that have used it and wow everyone was so SKINTY!!! LOL But really neat and trimmed down .. the whole Morning show crew ..
Hi, it's day 11 of my cleanse. 8 lbs. down but that has been since the 7th day. It's been fun trying new recipes and introducing them to my family. I will definitely be eating more raw foods from now on. Totally raw? Well, I think that will be too tough. I enjoy the tast of warm food. The cleanse has helped to keep me focused on my journey to weight loss. Weight loss is a great motivator!
I really want to try this program....Can't get the total raw food thing in my head yet; however, I am sitting here with my credit card ready to make the decision.
Dherbs... Finished my 20 days yesterday. Although the itching was a problem for me for about 4 days, I stuck it out. My results: no more hot flashes or night sweats, able to sleep through the night, regulated my BP, this morning 117/78. Can't remember having a BP that low in years. Hair, nails, and complextion all looking great AND (drum roll please), I lost 20 pounds and went from a 16/18 to a 12/14. How bout that!!! Thank you Dherbs, you are truly amazing, money well spent. See ya's in January!
I listen to the Steve Harvey show every morning and for the last few months I kept hearing about Dherbs detox, so I figure if the man of the hour did it and he still alive I would try it. Well I must tell you that I have been on it for about 6 days now and I can't believe the difference of how I feel, I have lost 6 pounds and feel great, must say that the first three days had a headache but that went away. i don't miss eating since there's plenty to eat raw. I have good energy and feel lighter, Steve Harvey keep on promoting good health and good eating I recommend to anyone who wants to really clean their body to go ahead and get it. Will see how much I end up loosing at the end of the 10 days. will post results
I plan on placing my order on tomorrow. I will start on March 1, 2014. My doctor has told me that I need to lose 100 pounds. I think this is a great way to start my journey of being healthier. I heard about the full body cleanse on the Steve Harvey morning show. I have 1 question. Can I drink soy milk or eat yogurt on this detox. I have found many great smoothie recipes and they require using soy milk or yogurt.
I used this cleanse a few years ago with awesome results! I highly recommend it
My husband and I are on the 7th day of the 20 day cleanse. I have noticed a big decrease in inflammation. I have sarcoid. I feel much better no swelling in face or eyes. The first couple of days I was hungry but now I barely can finish my lunch and dinner which is romaine and spinach. Its a great diet and it is working. working. We do plan to change our eating habits when we finish.
I received my DHerbs today and have already started. I am excited and nervous at the same time. But I have invested in me and I am looking forward to the 20th day. Does anyone have any before and after pictures?
've do this cleanse once every season and it has helped me become a healthier person. After doing it the first time I no longer wear my glasses (they weren't a strong prescription, but they won't need to get any stronger either :) ) I have changed my diet, now I am a pescatarian, released 18 lbs. which felt & looked amazing and had a ton more energy. I've even got a few of my friends to try it. Both were skeptics (as was I) but one of them really liked the way she felt and wants to do it again. This cleanse is the best cleanse I've ever done. It really causes you to think about what you're putting into your body and become mindful of how "foods" cause you to react after you eat them. There's always going to be bad food like choices around you. but since doing this cleanse 2 years ago, I've started preparing better lunch and snack choices for work. For those who are unsure, you've gotta try it. It may be hard at first but you'll get the hang of it and see that it ain't so bad at all!
I finished the entire 20 day Dherbs cleanse and am so elated that I did. It was not as difficult as I though it would be. I had researched some natural food recipes in advanced of starting. It was exciting to prepare and eat them. I have integrated many of them in my current dietary plan. Much cleansing occurred during the 20 days. I lost 16 pounds, experienced much mental clarity, a clearer skin tone, experienced improvement in my quality of sleep, felt more energetic, and still feel great. The benefits outweighs the challenges. I recommend it.
I have been on this program for 15 days and have dropped ovet 17lbs....i feel great and my pants are too big on me. I have been telling people about this program since day one of starting....all i can say is...thank you.
I'm in my second week of the cleanse. To date, I've lost 4lbs. and thanks to Whole Foods and there raw food vegan bar, I am doing amazingly well. I did experience a slight headache day one. But feel amazing now. Also, I now understand why it's important to take baths or try a steam room as the toxins do surface to your pores, therefore, there is a need to open them to not cause bumps or pimples. I normally don't get bumps, pimples or boils and I did get two (2) on my stomach area. I increased taking more hot baths and haven't experienced any more. I can also vouch for the extreme burst of energy and I really feel amazing. Each day, I feel more confident that I can complete the twenty (20) days.
I have been thinking about this for 2 years...my sister has done this cleanse and my cousin has done this cleanse once a year for the last 4 years I believe. I have bad eating habits and that has been my issue?challenge...I plan on starting as soon as I get my products. God has blessed me without a doubt to be in good health...but I cant keep eating the wrong way and expect a high metabolism to rescue me from sickness and getting fat. So...I take the plunge into a healthier lifestyle.... :)
My partner and I ordered the program tonight. We'll check back once we start, and when we finish. I'm excited to get started
Thank you dherbs now I'm sexyyyyyy like wow..thanks Steve Harvey ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Day three and I am still hanging. Made my own salad dressing, and it was actually better than I thought it would be. I even use it on my daughters dinner for tonight. one day at a time
you guys are the bomb....thank you for the extra info....I am running outside now and this cleanse has really jump started my regime. I do plan to do another 10 dayer in a few months....thank you again you are a blessing with a valueable load of information
I wonder can I really do without cooked food.. I never done that before.. I really need a body cleanse.
Here I go, started the program this morning... Eating raw can be very satisfying. I did a 10 day raw eating program and never really got hungry because I was eating at the cellular level and feeding my cells... Loss 17 lbs... it's a great way to jumpstart weight loss and move towards a more healthier lifestyle.
I just ordered the 20 day D-herb full body cleanse.I'll be posting my progress so plz wish me luck.I hope I can make it through the 20 days...




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