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Comments: Herbal Contraception

Hello! Sounds like wonder pill :) Can a man ejaculate in you daily, or does he have to pull out in order for the product to do what it says? Also, how many pills is in 1 bottle? Thank you and I am looking forward to your response:)
How do you take it 7 pills at one's or through out the day
How effective is it
Hello, I've been trying to gather as much information about dherbs that I can before I do the FBC. I am currently on loestrin birth control and I take it continually so that I don't get menstral period anymore. I want to do the FBC however I don't want to have to have a cycle either. I haven't had one in almost 2 years and for me this is great. How can I complete the FBC and also take my birth control pills without having a menstral?
Hi, I just wanted to know how many milligrams of Wild Yam is in each pill? Or how many mg in total with the 7 pill dosage would you be consuming daily?
After the 7 weeks does the woman still have to continue 7 pills a day?




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