Gray less Hair Rinse

Gray less Hair Rinse

Gray-less Hair Rinse helps to supply body with necessary nutrition for melanin production.

  • Helps to supply hair with necessary nutrition
  • Encourages Melanin production
  • Naturally restores hair color

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued until further notice. We have recommended product(s) below that may still help assist you based on this product. Feel free to browse our current product line with the links below to find an alternative to suit your needs.
Gray-less Hair

Gray-less Hair

An herbal supplement to help keep hair looking youthful.*


Melanin production slows down as the human body ages, including melanin production in the roots of the hair, which can cause new hair to grow with a reduction or absence of pigment. Gray-Less Hair Rinse helps to supply the hair with necessary nutrition for melanin production. This rinse also contains rosmarinic acid, which naturally restores hair color keeps hair healthy looking.

Bag (20)



How To Use

Direction: Let the “tea bag” steep for at least 15 minutes or until warm. Rinse your hair with the solution. You may use this rinse as often as you want. Leave in and style as usual.

Do not use while pregnant.

  • Valerie
    My grey is coming in I will order some more soon thanks for making this. *
  • El
    Gray less Hair Rinse works great. The often you use it the better it works. After boiling water, allow water to cool. Put one or two teas bag in glass mason jar. Leave the tea bags in mason jar over night. Remove tea bag from water, otherwise days later the tea bag will have a mold effect. Pour half tea mixer on hair after shampoo. Don't rinse Gray less hair products. Depend on the color of your natural hair it will works faster if you hair is not a permanent color. Put the leftover Gray less hair Rinse small spray bottles. Use it daily in spot grays appear near the hair roots. *
  • Darrius
    The gray less hair rinse really does work over time, and it does dye your hair. It is a great natural product that I’ll continue to use and recommend to everyone!!! *
  • Therressa
    This product does dye the gray. But it is a slow process and you have to use it on a regular basis. It will start coloring the gray by first turning it to an beige color, and then start getting darker after extended use. The only thing is you have to be careful not to get it on clothes, as it does stain. Good product and I would recommend it to others. *
  • Nereida
    I am glad to find a natural product to dye my hair. Its very easy to use since its a tea bag. I boil the water, put the tea bag in and let it sit overnight. I then transfer it to an applicator bottle and apply to my hair and I do not wash it out. My gray hair that is white it does nothing for it but the gray hair that is see through, kind of clear it dyes and the rest of my hair too. It is also growing my hair too. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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The Gray less Hair Rinse is in tea form but was designed to be used as a rinse for the hair. Because we use 100% natural herbs, you can still consume it as a tea safely. For best results we suggest using it as instructed.

No, you cannot consume the Gray less Hair Rinse it's not a tea.
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