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Herbal Contraception

Wild Yam Root herb has been used for centuries by Native American women.*

  • 100% Mexican Wild Yam Root*
  • Helps to maintain normal menstrual cycle*

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Dherbs.com Herbal Contraception contains the most reliable plant used for female contraceptive purposes – Mexican Wild Yam Root, used by Native American women for natural birth control purposes for centuries. The formula must be taken religiously. It takes approximately 7-weeks for the herbs to take effect. The wonderful thing about Wild Yam Root is that it does not pollute the body and cause harm to the body and no studies exist to prove otherwise. Also, you don’t have to detoxify the body after its use when you decide to conceive a child. Now what more could a woman ask for! Herbal Contraception does not protect against STDs.* (200 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

Model: 1022 • Shipping Weight: 0.375lbs

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child's condition.

Ingredients: 100% MEXICAN WILD YAM ROOT.

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adult Females: Take 7 capsules daily once a day.

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  • I was very pleased with this product! After doing much research I found this to be very beneficiary for me. I had no side affects using the product and will continue to use. Thank you DHerbs for making this available! *
  • I have been unable, for years, to take hormonal contraceptives. Weight gain, horrible nausea, and constant bloating. I tried this back in the early part of the fall season. Not only has is been SUCCESSFUL in preventing pregnancy, I feel no nausea or bloating. I even mentioned it to my doctor when she tried to prescribe birth control. Very thankful for herbal remedy! *
  • I have hormone problems and endometriosis. By taking this supplement the last two months my pain and symptoms have almost disappeared! My cycle is easier in general and my mood has improved. I have struggled with infertility the last six years (after having 3 kids already) but due to diet changes and increased health supplement intake I was worried about the possibility of my fertility returning. So though it is not necessarily a miracle on the not getting pregnant front (I have definitely not gotten pregnant but no surprise there) it really helps my Endo symptoms so WIN WIN for me! About to order my next months supply. Worth it just for the hormone balance. Thanks! *
  • I have been using the herbal contraception for two months now, and I have not had the fatigue and cramps that I normally would have. It has also help regulate my cycle and it has shortened the number of days of my cycle. I recommend this product because it is natural and does not have the side affects like other contraceptives. *
  • This works! I was looking for an alternative to using oral contraception as I would get bad side effects from the hormones and the pill would make me sick. I wanted a natural alternative that I could trust. I was unsure at first but my partner and I have had success with this method and I will continue to use it. You have to say on the daily schedule but its worth it. *
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My periods have never been so regular! *
  • The Herbal Contraception is truly working out well for me. Its effective against unwanted pregnancy and my period has become much more regular...just make sure you, follow the instructions exact. Thank you very much DHerbs, for such a great product. *
  • Hello to all that are concerned about the Herbal Contraception product. I know researching wild yam does not lead to any promising claims or results but kindly read my personal review. First and foremost I must say this product has sincerely regulated my menstrual cycle. Prior to using this product it was irregular. I know you'll try to google the effects of wild yam and numerous sites will claim that this natural herb cannot alter hormones in any way and they are wrong. Let me tell you why, so far I've used two and a half bottles of this product. The "Pms" symptoms I've experienced are gone. Since I was around the age of 11 I've suffered with a condition called keratosis pillars. This causes bumps on the back of my upper arms. I have not changed anything in my daily routine as of late other than consuming this product (7 capsules) daily and my keratosis has significantly reduced. Now it has been said that women tend to get this condition more than men due to hormonal issues, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body cause flare ups of this skin condition. My terrible condition and extreme flare ups have been reduced by at least 70%. To me this indicated that wild yam indeed possesses the capabilities to regulate hormones in the body and wild yam can indeed be converted into estrogen without the use of a lab as many articles I've googled have stated . Again I have suffered with this skin issue for over 12 years and it has significantly cleared. I've tried numerous things as a professional makeup artist and skin specialist who has worked for high end beauty companies. Only this has worked. So far it has proved to be effective as contraception I sincerely hope it keeps up as I've not tried it for more than 3 months yet. I have never written a review for any product in my life. This was not my intention but absolutely amazing and i had to share. This may seem expensive but it's worth every penny and I will be buying a few months supply again soon! I would give 5 stars if I had been over 6 months with success using this product since its been 3 so only 4stars for now. *
  • I have been taking the Herbal Contraception going on two months now. I notice my monthly cycle is much lighter compared to taking the birth control from my OBGYN. I really like the Herbal Contraception because I don't have to worry about my body going through any other side effects such as fibroids growth. I will continue to take the herbal contraception and I will also start taking the fibroid formula. Thanks Dherbs for the wonderful products which are natural. Freeney *
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 23 reviews)
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