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We don't recommend to take this product if you are on medication or taking vitamins. If you are not, you can safely take this for no more than 20 days or as needed. We suggest to use ½ teaspoon mixed with water.

Activated Charcoal

They must be RAW plant based. A good brand is Garden of Life but we also carry proteins that are FBC approved. The link below will take you straight to the list of our protein powders.

Sea Moss Powder
Vegan Berry Powder Mix
Vegan Greens Powder Mix

Unfortunately i am not understanding your question. Please give us a call back directly to and we can answer your questions. Our number is (866)434-3727

We do not recommend for women who are breastfeeding to perform a cleanse.

If you are dealing with diabetes 2, we encourage you to eat more vegetables than fruits. Also, focus on fruits that have a lower sugar content and make sure you are eating them during the day vs. the evening time. If you have any further concerns or need more clarification, please give us a call at (866) 434-3727. Our office hours are M-F 8am - 6pm PST and Sat 9am - 2pm PST, our representatives are here to help you through the cleansing process. 

 In a nut shell, no. The amount of capsules needed to cleanse do not compare to drinking just one tea. We do know that it sounds like a lot of capsules but this the amount needed to achieve significant results. 


Vitamin D

We recommend cleansing with our Full Body Cleanse. This requires you to change the way that you eat, which is the number one thing one should do went looking to loose weight. 

Full Body Cleanse

It is fine for you to do the cleanse but do NOT take the Charcoal. The charcoal specifically removes toxins that you get from pharmaceutical drugs - it could pull out the medication from your system. 

We do not recommend the Full Body Cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding. The primary focus should be obtaining nutrients that are most beneficial for you and your baby at this time. Instead of the Full Body Cleanse we recommend that you try our Electric Greens Combo Regimen. The diet is same for both, but the Electric Greens Combo Regimen works to strengthen the body and immune system, as opposed to removing toxins.

10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

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