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You can heal from moles! Consider the following: the following is a healing account of a mole by my good and dear friend paris chatman. This is my story and how I healed my face of my mole. I developed a small growth in 1997 on the left side of my face. Over the years it slowly increased in size and until recently it reached 0.25 inches. I had been on and off a healthy diet for over ten years. I could not ever commit to 100% good health, which I felt deep down, was the root cause of why my pathologies either remained or kept returning. Once this mole reached 0.25 inches I knew that it was time to really make a committed choice regarding my eating habits. I was convinced that it was my eating habits and thinking life style that contributed to the growth of this mole. It was only getting bigger which really concerned me. I took one final measurement and made the intent to eat an organic vegan diet, which would be mostly raw (not exclusively). I then purchased several bottles of Blood & Lymphatic Formula and the Hair Skin Nails formula. I knew that my skin pathologies were a result of toxic blood and the toxic blood was a result of a toxic diet. So just having made the intent alone caused a change in my body chemistry. I do not have the medical explanations for what happened. All I can say is the day after I measured my mole and made the committed intent to live a healthy mental & physical lifestyle, the mole began to crack at one of the edges. This was just the next day. Then I realized that my body & mind are incredibly powerful...more than I ever realized. I thought that if I took the herbs that I purchased then I would help my body on the inside cleanses the blood and the end result would be a beautiful healed complexion. I took 5 capsules of the Blood & Lymphatic Formula and 3 capsules of the Hair Skin Nails formula daily. Then I broke open 5 capsules of the Hair Skin Nails formula and put the herbs in a small dish and mixed it with distilled water (about three tablespoons). I then put this mixture in the base of my facial steamer. I bought this facial steamer from savon's for only $20.00 many years ago and this was the best use I got out of it ever! I put a towel over my head and allowed the steamer to infuse the herb mixture into my skin/mole directly. Once I was done, I lightly patted my face dry and applied a paste I concocted with Oxy-Oil and the Hair Skin Nails formula. To make the paste, I broke open another 5 capsules of the Hair Skin Nails formula and put the powder in a small dish and added 1/2 teaspoon of the Oxy-Oil...just enough to create a paste. I applied the paste directly on the mole. I felt a sensation in the mole area, which went away after a few minutes. The next morning I washed my face using a chemical free, fragrance free, soap and once I patted my face dry, I noticed the mole had begun to crack more around the edges and the edges that cracked the day before had turned black and hardened. I gently touched the hard black area and it came off as if it were a scab that healed and underneath was healed skin. I kept doing my routine and I am not kidding in three weeks the mole had broken off bit by bit and was gone and my skin was healed completely. I look in the mirror each day and am amazed that a mole that frustrated me for nearly ten years was gone in just three weeks once I made the intention and commitment. This process was repeated as follows: herbs (Blood & Lymphatic Formula & Hair Skin Nails formula) were taken daily each morning with distilled water facial steaming with the herbs: twice a week (i chose a sat and sun because I worked during the week and had little time) the herb paste was put on the mole every night. Each morning or whenever the mole looked ready, I touched any hardened black areas so they could fall off. I ate a 98% raw vegan diet, drank distilled water. I have a very light brown circle on the area were the mole used to be. This is fading each time my skin does its normally shedding process. This is what happened to me. I have been and still is 100% committed to a healthy vegan (mostly raw) diet and healthy thinking lifestyle. I listen to my body now. I can only speak for me. I am sincerely blessed and am happy for the opportunity to share my story.

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