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1. Do these products (herbs) really work?

Does the american political system really work? Does the american judicial system really work? No, but you still try them! Well, we recommend that you try these herbs for yourself like people try politics (voting), the legal system, attorneys, drugs, new foods, new relationships, etc. It's the only way you'll know for yourself if our herbs(formulas/products) work! Just to let you know: all herbs work as they are alive! We could tell you "yes" that our herbs work but how would you know it from our words or even other people's words and/or experiences? We could tell you anything! Now what other company would say such words? You see, is not about the money. We are here to really help this world by helping people to think, to trust in their own judgment and intuition, to trust in and use common sense, to take risks, and to trust!

2. Please read the "Genital Herpes" article.

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