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All understanding of healing begins with knowledge and healing itself begins in the mind. See your child well and the child will get well. Check out our MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL. Good reading! Please read our article on "ECZEMA" and "SKIN DISORDER = BLOOD DISORDER" in our articles section. It's
not so much about taking products but modifying the diet. Most children with eczema are fed a horrible and poor diet rich in meat, dairy products, refined grains, etc. that only exacerbates the
problem. Rub the child's skin down with Shea Butter. Alternate with our HEALING SKIN OIL. The child's bed should be draped in the
color blue, the antidote to the color red, the color of burning inflammation. bed sheets, spread, pillows, etc should be blue or light blue. I'd even paint the walls of the child's bedroom sky blue
due to its soothing effect. It's a shame that some herbalists are only about the money. At Dherbs, we are all about education which is why our site is laced with so much information. Stay positive
and optimistic!
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