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I believe in giving but it must be from the heart. Many people don't give from the heart but from FEAR! Or, they feel compelled to give and this is not giving freely. It's quid pro quo giving
meaning "I'm giving because I want something in return" i.e. recognition, to be or get in good graces with God, etc. I'm covering tithing in my new manual "The Money Manual." Tithing is just 10% of
something, not necessarily money. Tithing can be 10% of your food, time, services, etc. Giving is okay but folks should not give to others without first giving to self for charity starts at home.
Poor people should not be giving charity in the form of money for if God needs a dollar God is in worse shape than his poor followers. It is the organization asking for the money and doing so in the
name of God. They collect money in the name of God and thus exploit people in the name of God.
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