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Much appreciated from the heart, Beloved! Thank you for sharing that! I have a few e-books right now, including "The Mental Science Manual," "The Money, Wealth, and Prosperity", "The Love Manual"
and a few others. You can find them on the website in the on-line store under "e-books." They'll all be published in the future into little books. I'm presently working on "Discovering Your Life's
Purpose", so as to help people transition into their life's higher purpose. I quote David Wolf in my new article "Beware Hybrid and Genetically Engineered Foods" which will be on the Dherbs.com Home
Page in about 2 weeks.

Beware of Hybrid and Genetically Engineered Foods!

Product Links:
Love Manual
The Money, Wealth, & Prosperity Manual Vol. 1
Discovering Your Life's Higher Purpose
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