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Eat your favorite fruit while monitoring your blood sugar level. It may take some time before your blood sugar levels are regulated and you can return to eating fruit. But try eating what fruits you like while monitoring your BS levels. Be intelligent and use common sense and trust your intuition here.

Can I have whole wheat bread? NO!

Can I have eggs, or you consider them dairy? NO! Eggs come from animal!

What do you mean by cruciferous salad? Can I add tomatoes, celery, onions, etc.? Any limitations for vegetables? Cruciferous means leafy i.e. leafy vegetables (Romain lettuce, Green lettuce). Yes, you can add other vegetables you like and desire.

You've mentioned trail mix, are dried fruits allowed? Yes, but watch your BS levels!

How can I replace vegetable juices? Eat more cabbage and brussel sprouts? Are beans allowed in this diet? You can't replace vegetable juice. Either you drink it or you don't! Eat more cabbage and brussel sprouts. Cooked beans are not allowed in the diet.

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