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Greetings! I recommend the Total Male Cleanse which will address every concern you wrote about. While performing this cleanse, order and drink "Kidney's Tea", and "Jackrabbit Tea" (1 cup of each
daily while cleansing). Your genital glands may have become weakened due to the excess masturbation. You lost a lot of zinc (with every ejaculation zinc and other nutrients are lost), so after the
TMC make sure you purchase, and take our Zinc Phosphate, MSM Sulfur, Kidneys-Bladder Formula and Male Hormonal Formula, at least for 3 months until you rebuild the uro-genital system. The kidneys are
connected to the sex glands.

Learn mental science for sexual enhancement. The same principles apply. Check out our 'Mental Science' e-book and work those techniques in the sex act. Trust me - they work!
You can heal, Beloved!
Also, read some of our great FREE health articles on male sexual health. The site is loaded with good free information!
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Kidneys-Bladder and Adrenal
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