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Metaphysically, cancer denotes a feeling being eaten up (on the inside) by some emotion or emotions, always negative emotions. Mouth cancer - the person refused to speak out their hurt, anger,
pain, etc. Breast cancer - the female failed to get things off of her chest or neglected caring for herself (nurturing herself, her wounds and pains, etc.). Colon cancer - the person couldn't stomach
things but failed to release what was emotionally eating away at them.

Metaphysically speaking, poor circulation means your "life flow" is stagnant due to the burdens of life "weighing you down." Most people with poor circulation have weight issues. In addition they
may be "poor" and their cash flow does not "circulate" the way they'd would like and so worries about bills and other financial responsibility makes them eat away their worries whereby they gain
weight and hamper their bodily circulation.

And yes, chemicals in hair products (dyes, conditioners, relaxers) are playing a role in certain cancers of the head (i.e. brain cancer).
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