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You're giving external factors too much power over you. Things never heal us, only placate us. Truly answers lie within. What did Ephedrine have that God did not put in you? Forget about keeping
weight off, instead focus on maintaining your desired weight. Why do you need to suppress your appetite? What you suppress in one area will manifest in another area. Suppression does not heal, only
hides things and allows things to grow. Your challenge is to cultivate self discipline and maintain your desired weight. Read my article â€EPHEDRA†under articles. Ephedrine is a damn drug! Drugs don't heal, they only suppress! Nature (Ephedra) takes time!
My knowledge cannot help you to lose weight, but only stimulate you into taking control of your own life and health, especially pertaining to weight. Your power lies within! It dos not come from
outside of self! The Kingdom of God is WITHIN!
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