Healing Affirmation Candle
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Healing Affirmation Candle

Healing candle that helps one to cope spiritually and emotionally with physical and mental changes.

  • Affirmation candle that helps to heal on all levels of self
  • Supports one spiritually and emotionally
  • Helps one to cope with the physical and mental changes 


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When faced with the challenge of healing, you can use all the help you can get. Healing occurs on all the levels of the self, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. This candle supports you spiritually and emotionally, helping you to cope with the physical and mental changes you are experiencing.

Affirmation, when fully embraced, can fill your body, mind and spirit with their life changing powers. Strength of an affirmation comes the inner commitment you make to its success. Combining your affirmation with a candle specially designed for the same purpose further enhances your personal magic, deepening it's effect.

2 X 4 Candle

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Model: 7705 • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs


How To Use

Directions: Never leave a burning candle unattended!!! Remove a label and plastic wrap before lighting. Whisper: "My healing begins with my intent of health, is empowered by my desire for wholeness, and is materialized by my willingness to flow within my truth."

THIS CANDLE DRIPS! Burn in a heat safe container that holds at least 2 liquid cups. Keep the candle holder off of delicate surfaces. Trim wick to 1/4 and burn for 3 hour at a time optimal candle life.

  • Magdalene
    Love this candle! The scent is calming and it fills my house with such a beautiful scent and positive vibe. It's a perfectly made candle. Even the flame glows strong and bright; no flickering or sparking like cheap candles. I liked this candle so much that I ordered more and I can't wait for them to arrive. *
  • Trina
    This is a good candle with a great calming smell of lavender. I use it at my prayer table every morning it is burn to give me healing and I feel it taking place. Getting ready to order another and try the success one this time. Thx! *
  • Renee
    I love the scent and you can't smell the wax that you can from other candles. *
  • Renee
    I just got the Healing Affirmation Candle today 9/27/2012. I was very impressed there is no candle wax smell I let it burn for a hour because I was leaving but I was so selfish to the rest of my home that I closed my door because I didn't want the scent to go away I was confused on what candle to buy at first so I'm glad I chose this one but I will try all of them. The smell is wonderful and let me add I have also purchased your herbs which are also wonderful. Thank you. *
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