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  • Cleansing Bath Drops

    This is a wonderful product (Cleansing Bath Drops). It was good to know that I was cleansing my body while bathing. Just knowing you didn't have to do anything but relax in the water was great. I would recommend this to everyone! *
  • Cleansing Bath Drops

    The first time I used this product (Cleansing Bath Drops) I was amazed at how i felt. When i stepped out the shower, i felt a little drained. I knew it was working. I have never felt that taking a hot bath in my life. The feeling only lasted for a few minutes, after that i felt good and vibrant :). Thank you so much! *
  • Cleansing Bath Drops

    I used the Cleansing Bath Drops when I did my first cleanse and continue to use it every time I take a bath. Couldn't believe how great it felt to take a hot bath with these drops. Cleansing plus Aromatherapy...I am permanently sold on the drops and dherbs! *
  • Cleansing Bath Drops

    I decided to try the Cleansing Bath Drops this time around since I was performing another Full Body Cleanse .I really loved it, and used it together with my Spiritio at night. Each scent is so unique. I also listened to meditation music when in the tub. *
4 results

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