Home Blessing Candle
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Home Blessing Candle

This candle brings up the loving emotions to help turn any residence into a home.

  • Affirmation candle that helps to turn a residence into a home
  • The scent fills your space with feelings of comfort, safety and peace
  • The scent and affirmation conjures a loving feeling.

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Home can conjure up many issues; some filled with love and some filled with grief and struggle. This candle brings up the loving emotions to help turn any residence into a home. With the blend of oils and intention, this Home Blessing Affirmation candle fills your space with feelings of comfort, safety and peace to create the haven you are looking for. This is also a wonderful candle to use during family gatherings to bring loving feeling to the surface and make them the primary energy of a room.

Affirmation, when fully embraced, can fill your body, mind and spirit with their life changing powers. Strength of an affirmation comes the inner commitment you make to its success. Combining your affirmation with a candle specially designed for the same purpose further enhances your personal magic, deepening its effect.

2" x 4" Candle

Model: 7712 • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs


  • Ava
    The candle smells really good and lasts a long time. I recently purchased my home and I needed it. I burned it everyday and I recommend it to everyone for home blessings. *
  • Rigene
    I lit this candle when a few days after moving into my new apartment. Prior to using it i was unpacked but my spirit was restless in my new place. I realized that I had not blessed my place yet. Remembering I had ordered the candle prior to moving I quickly retrieved it along with some sage to smudge each room before lighting the candle. After smudgimg and lighting the candle I felt a sense of peace and finally enjoyed my first good night of sleep since moving in. *
  • Lisa
    Smells great and seems calming but the candles are too small for the cost. I wish they made them bigger at the same price point then I’d gladly hand them out as gifts. *
  • Herman
    I love the candles but they were to small. Hopefully you will make them larger. *
  • Sharon
    I purchased two, one for myself and the other as a housewarming gift for my daughter’s new home. I love this candle and the positive vibes it brought into my home. So much so, I’m ordering more for myself. I highly recommend this candle. *
  • Nicole
    It was ok. I don't have a big complaint, it was just smaller than I expected and the smell was not what I was hoping for. But I used it and made the best of it. *
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