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Reviews: 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

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  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    It worked well for the person whom I bought it for. Great product. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I had started this cleanse just over a few weeks ago. I got relief from my symptoms within a few days. I had to cut the cleanse short by a few days because of a stressful episode that arose. I am back on a second round of the cleanse and again got relief within a few days. I am confident that this round should do the trick. I am amazed at how quickly this product works. I am a health coach and this company will be added to my referral list. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I just finish the 10 Day Kidney Cleanse with amazing results, before starting the cleanse I would wakeup every morning with swollen hands, had difficult time sleeping because of lower back pains, I have a desk job, even when sitting to long my feet would swell, some times they would be so puffy it was difficult to walk, the first day on the cleanse I guess I had so much water retention I was constantly going to the bathroom, the next morning my hands was not swollen, by the third day I notice I could sit for a long period of time and my feet did not swell, even now I finish the cleanse two days ago, I'm sleeping better with no back pains and no swelling at all, I can see a noticeable difference around my eyes they are not puffy and no bags under my eyes!! I love this product will perform this every three months as recommended Thanks Dherbs!!! *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    My kidneys were very weak, my back, left leg was in pain, my feet and ankles were swollen for weeks. When I found out it was my kidneys, I immediately order the 10 Day Kidney Cleanse. After about 5 days of taking the cleanse, my back was not in pain and I could walk on my left leg again. The 10 Day Kidney Cleanse is awesome, this cleanse was a real blessing for me. The staff at DHERBS were very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and give great pleasant customer service. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    The 10 Day Kidney Cleanse was exceedingly helpful in recovering after a spell of UTI (Urinary tract infection). Experience the healing for yourself. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    WOW!! I found this cleanse amazing. Before the cleanse, I had back pain, itchy skin, fatigue and water retention. Within a few days these symptoms were lessened and at the end of the 10 days I felt renewed, all symptoms were gone. The DHerbs staff is also so helpful and knowledgeable. Every question I asked was answer with great respect. Thank you. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I believe that God gave us all we need to cure any disease. So far, I have noticed some interesting improvement in my kidney function using the Full Body Cleanse first, and then this 10 DAY KIDNEY CLEANSE. I am going to do multiple kidney cleanses one after another! I will let you know how it goes! *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I was exposed to an extremely toxic environment over the last 6 months and had begun to develop bloat throughout my body and considerable swelling around my ankles. And for many years now, I have been waking up with puffy water accumulation under my eyes. These symptoms are typically associated with kidney issues. Amazingly, the bloat left my body within days of starting the Full Body Detox and only half way through The Supreme Kidney Cleanse, my puffy-eye problem was resolved. Additionally at 45 years of age, I have had a life-long battle with under-arm odor (since my early teenage years). To my astonishment, this too has been eliminated as a direct result of completing this kidney cleanse. It is important to note that I performed the Supreme Kidney Cleanse immediately after the Full Body Detox to achieve optimal benefit. However, I've performed several whole body cleanses over the years, but my body needed kidney/bladder/adrenal work in particular to accomplish this. Accordingly, for those with specific health concerns, I strongly suggest following through with the appropriate DHerbs cleanse after completing the Full Body Detox. DHerbs amazing herbal detoxes are pure and natural and - simply put - they get the job done!! *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I rated this a 5star because i feel that this cleanse worked for me. Before i would have to run to the bathroom because i would feel the urge even if i had just gone. 2 days after the cleanse i noticed that i was not jumping to go to the bathroom as much. i still have tea left over, so i will continue that until it is gone. *
19 results

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