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  • Abundance & Prosperity Spray

    I was anxious to receive the Abundance and Prosperity Spray and I received it in the mail so quickly. The size of the bottle is much larger than I expected. I absolutely love the smell and I follow the directions and spray it just as instructed for best results. Thank you Dherbs, I can't wait to try out other products. *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Spray

    I love the smell of the Abundance and Prosperity spray. I know the monetary rewards are soon to come. *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Spray

    I enjoy the fragrance of the spray (Abundance and Prosperity Spray)... It’s very delightful! I wonder does your head suppose to hurt when you spray it or am I spraying it too close to my face? Other than that the product has been bringing me unexpected and much need prosperity. HTPU Dherbs.com *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Spray

    I haven't gotten any kirlian photograph taken yet but I can say using this and shifting my focus on getting what I want works. Also the smell is great too sometimes I'd rather use it as a cologne! *
13 results

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