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Reviews: Anti-V Formula

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  • Anti-V Formula

    I work in healthcare and deal with ill patients daily. I also do not get as much sleep as I should and was required to get the flu vaccine that leaves me with symptoms. I ordered this product before I had the vaccine administered and I had no issues this year. I have not been sick this year. I felt a runny nose coming on took 3 pills at bedtime, slept 9hours and woke up normal. I will continue to purchase. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    The anti-v formula really works. I work in a hospital and feared getting sick during the winter months. I did not get sick not one time. Thank you dherbs for these amazing products. Will definitely be stocking up on this one. I also have tried the full body cleanse and I didn't think that I would see results due to my own inconsistencies however I did. I also have tried taking the components of the full body cleanse individually and it also works. I think it will work regardless of how you take them as long as you take them!!!! Great job with offering natural supplements to keep us all healthy!! *
  • Anti-V Formula

    I believe this product is one of the best that I have ever had the opportunity to use. I feel so confident and know that it is doing the right thing for me. I so love this product. I truly realize how important is it to have clean organic and truly live good food and Vitamins as well as most important an antiviral formula. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    This really helps with boosting your immune system! I work in a field where there is a lot of travel involved. I couldn't see myself not having this with me for daily usage! I highly recommend this product! *
  • Anti-V Formula

    This anti-virus is everything. When I'm using this product any outbreaks are dormant for months!! If I continue daily I never see them! *
  • Anti-V Formula

    I love this product and so many others. The moment my 11 year old daughter show signs of getting sick, I give her Anti-V and the Vitamin C formula. Within 24hrs she has no more symptoms of being sick! Great products and combinations. I also make Anti-V apart of my daily regimen. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    This item has kept me going in the mist of this cold and flu season. I take three pills once a day and I am good to go. I’ve been taking this for over six months now and it works. Would recommend this to anyone who has a week immune system during the cold and flu season. I will continue to order this item going forward and thanks to me coworker for introducing me to this product. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    Every three months, I take a bottle of the Anti-Viral Formula. It helps strengthen my immune system, as well as keeps the cold, phlegm and mucous out of my body! This stuff really does what it says! I also buy the drops for the bath and the oil, just because I work in a building with lots of nasty people that don't wash their hands and have to breathe in whatever nastiness they bring into work. I haven't been sick and don't plan on being sick, thanks to this formula! Thank God I can still purchase items on Dherbs! *
  • Anti-V Formula

    This products just seems to work for me and I love the fact that I am putting natural ingredients in my body. *
120 results

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