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  • Anti-V Tea

    Since using the ANTI-V Tea (consistently), my skin has been almost 100% clear of breakouts. I haven't experienced this for years! This is great in addition to any cleanse. *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I drank 3 cups of the Anti-V Tea and I felt better. Thanks Dherbs ! *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I start my day with the anti-v tea every morning with lemon and honey. I wanted to find a healthier way to jumpstart my day and stop drinking coffee. Thank you Dherbs for giving me the tools I need to make a healthier me! *
  • Anti-V Tea

    This tea is a wonderful addition during my cleanse! The taste is wonderfully light as I brew a large jar of it, and has just the right amount of natural sweetness. Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I love this tea. It took sometime to get use to the taste but now it's a staple. In my opinion it gave me energy & it keep me feeling clean inside. I drank this twice a day for 3 months straight & notice a difference in my mood swings and cycle. Try this in regimen I think you will have good results. *
  • Anti-V Tea

    This tea is naassssstyyyyy lol omg I was shocked when I took a sip. I had to load it with honey and forgot to add lemon till I was almost done and it seemed to help a bit. Won’t be drinking this twice a day, prob not even every day, because it’s certainly an acquired taste. Perhaps I’m just used to consuming junk that it shocked my palate lol. Next time will use lemon and honey before I drink it and I’ll update my review. But in my mind I feel like I’m doing something good for my body so it helped me push through. Timely delivery. Thank you *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I did like this tea (ANTI-V Tea) but still not strong enough for me. *
25 results

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