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  • Athletic Boost

    Athletic Boost gives me sustained energy throughout my workout. I take two and can finish long workouts. The first time I used it, I got a little tingly and didn't like that feeling at all. The next time I used it, I made sure to eat a nutritionally balanced meal before working out AND drink a lot of water with it. The combination of all three is what works for me! *
  • Athletic Boost

    i used other enchancers to help my workouts but they weren't all natural. I had to stop cause it was driving my blood pressure up. I tried Athletic Power and I got instant results. My energy and power increased immediately, my weights increased, I got stronger and quicker as the weeks went on. Its all natural and harmless to the body. I recommended it to a long time bodybuilder and now he's hook on it. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Athletic Boost

    I definitely can tell a big difference with mental focus and endurance while weight training or running/swimming from the Athletic Power. The only downside is I feel somewhat overstimulated for a few hours following the workout. *
  • Athletic Boost

    Since my energy isn't really that low, I don't take this product often (Athletic Power). But when I do, it definitely works! I usually take 2 or 3 capsules a few hours before I workout or play basketball, and it seems to give me an extra boost. *
  • Athletic Boost

    I am a tennis coach in Atlanta and I use the Athletic Boost and in my opinion it works. I can feel an extra boost during the match. I only take two capsules an hour before my matches with water and love it. *
  • Athletic Boost

    I use Athletic Power everyday because it provides me with energy and vitality. *
24 results

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