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    My son Issiah who is seventeen years old plays Basket ball at Finlay Prep School. He is very picky and refuses to try anything in the form of pills so after he kept complaining that he was tired and feeling less energized I decided to order him the Athletic Powder. I explained to my son to please follow the directions on the bottle plus not eat any junk food while taking the pills. After 30days of him taking the Athletic Powder he telephones me with an excitement in his voice. "Mom”, he said, “Guess what? Those pills really work, can you get me some more!” I can't tell you how thrill I was that my son, who never ever takes pills, was able to consume this product and be excited to want to continue. The pills made him more energetic and it did all it said it would. My son was able to compete better in his games and last longer without feeling sluggish. Thanks Dherbs, I could not have done this without your products. *
28 results

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