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Reviews: Blood and Lymphatic Tea

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  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    This is a good product this tea taste great and makes me feel good. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I purchased this tea to use in conjunction with the Blood and Lymphatic supplement. Literally within an hour of drinking the tea, my cheeks had a rosy glow! I have never experienced such instant results in a tea. I did a double take in the mirror. My complexion looked so nice after one cup of tea! The tea along with the supplement works wonders for me! My skin is baby soft and my face glows! Thank you Dherbs for making such great products! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I really enjoyed this tea. Every time I drink it consistently my skin glows and I just feel better! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    Hello DHerbs Family: I enjoyed all of your teas and my husband did also. The blood and lymphatic tea is wonderful. I mostly give this one to my husband because he is on medication (stand in agreement with me) that he is delivered wholly from this) he appears to move with more energy as well as myself. Thank the almighty for his natural herbs on the earth. I give HIM praise. Thank you so much for being there for us. May God continue to bless your efforts. The Motts! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    This is one of my favorite tasting Dherbs tea. My skin looks clearer when I drink it! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    The flavor of the Blood and Lymphatic is tea is unique and soothing, mild herbal and floral notes with just a touch of cinnamon and black pepper. I like the fact it's sweetened with stevia so no additional sweetener is necessary. Flavorful enough to drink throughout the day and mild enough to drink at night without disrupting your sleep. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    Great taste Great Results that I know of I can tell you these products are fantastic. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I absolutely LOVE this tea. I have a bag EVERY day and it has me feeling energized. I have acne/ spots and my hubby continuously compliments on the improvement of my complexion. Through research I learned that any disease of the skin is directly linked to issues with the blood. I will be ordering more and actually put this item on auto ship. Thank you GOD and DHERBS, many blessings!!! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    Tasted great! Was recommended through a friend and have 0 regrets. *
23 results

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Blood and Lymphatic Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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