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Reviews: Blood and Lymphatic Tea

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  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    The Blood and Lymphatic Tea works well and is delicious. I always worry about herbal teas having a bad taste but this tea is absolutely delicious. Its almost sweet. I really enjoy it, and look forward to drinking it. I cant wait to try out the other kinds of tea Dherbs has to offer. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    This Blood and Lymphatic tea tastes great and has a powerful soothing effect on my body. I feel it cleansing my blood every time I consume it! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    The Blood and Lymphatic Tea worked remarkably. I bought this tea for my mother who was having trouble with blood clots, in addition to the Full Body Detox and now she is blood clot FREE...Great Product! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    Besides the obvious benefits of the Blood and Lymphatic tea I was pleasantly surprised as to the taste of the tea considering I was unfamiliar as to how the herbs would taste in tea form. The tea is great and was a nice pick me up in the morning. Along with a healthy diet I would recommend the tea to others. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I purchased this tea to use in conjunction with the Blood and Lymphatic supplement. Literally within an hour of drinking the tea, my cheeks had a rosy glow! I have never experienced such instant results in a tea. I did a double take in the mirror. My complexion looked so nice after one cup of tea! The tea along with the supplement works wonders for me! My skin is baby soft and my face glows! Thank you Dherbs for making such great products! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I loved sipping on this blood and lymphatic tea. It has a pleasant taste and yet the benefits are great in that it also took the swelling down around my ankle. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I really liked this product it really helped with my lymph nodes and my energy level went up greatly. Thanks DHerbs! *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I drink this tea every morning. I feel a lot better. *
  • Blood and Lymphatic Tea

    I used this product (Blood and Lymphatic tea) along with your Blood and Lymphatic Formula. I found it helpful. *
22 results

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Blood and Lymphatic Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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