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Reviews: Blood & Lymphatic

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  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I have eczema, contact dermatitis, and I purchased this product to work from the inside out. I'm sure it's helping on the inside and was hoping that it would help my skin; however, these current rashes, just sit on top of the skin instead of healing and disappearing. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This product helps you have clear skin. It also helps you go to the bathroom more to help get rid of unwanted waste. It helps you go more often but it doesn't make you rush to the bathroom. It doesn't hurt your stomach or cramp you. I like it because I can tell its aiding to cleaning my system out. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I tried the Blood & Lymphatic Formula because I received a blood transfusion. I am confident that it helped filter impurities in my blood along with prayer. I maintained a normal body temperature and no side effects. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The blood and lymphatic formula worked wonders on my skin. I saw a difference in my skin tone, especially on my face. I would recommend this to anyone. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I have been using this product for a very long time and I share it with my family. They tell me its been helping them too. Also, because it really works. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    It seems to work when I eat a cleaner lifestyle. I can tell because I don't itch, like something is in my blood. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This Blood & Lymphatic Formula is the truth. I use to have skin irritation but it has all cleared up due to this wonderful formula. I also changed my diet to mainly veggies!!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I've recently purchased the Blood and Lymphatic herbs to clear up some skin complaints. It's still early on, but I have already noticed an improvement in the worst areas of my skin. I've looked around everywhere for help with this problem and am so glad to have found Dherbs and the Blood & Lymphatic formula. Definitely recommend. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The Blood and Lymphatic Formula really works. When I first started using it about two years ago I felt it help me achieve optimal overall health. Now I can say this has done for me what nothing that I tried could have ever done. This and a healthy all around diet is all you need for optimal health. *
57 results

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Blood & Lymphatic 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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