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Reviews: Blood & Lymphatic

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  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The Blood & Lymphatic Formula does wonders. It also helped me with my circulation, I will recommend this product to all my friends. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The Blood & Lymphatic formula is GREAT! I purchased this because I have skin issues on my hands and feet. I purchased a bottle in September, and have been taking it on and off. I have noticed my skin starting to clear; however I have had outbreaks on and off, I Think I need to drink more water! I will certainly purchase another bottle! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I just started using the Blood & Lymphatic Formula this week, and can already tell a difference in my energy level. I have been low energy almost all my life so I am looking forward to more increased energy and clearer skin. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I've recently purchased the Blood and Lymphatic herbs to clear up some skin complaints. It's still early on, but I have already noticed an improvement in the worst areas of my skin. I've looked around everywhere for help with this problem and am so glad to have found Dherbs and the Blood & Lymphatic formula. Definitely recommend. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    My lymphatic system was really backed up prior to purchasing the blood & lymphatic formula. Now my circulation is much better and I'm not congested as much. Thanks dherbs!!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Keeping your lymphatic system working as it should is one of the keys to maintaining good health. I take this supplement as part of a program that includes vibration training, lymphatic drainage massage, infrared saunas, working out on a rebounder and eating a (mostly) plant-based diet. I highly recommend this product to help your body release toxins and keep your lymphatic system clean. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Bought this for my husband. It really works and the price is truly worth it. He said that it made him feel better just knowing that his blood was being detoxed. This is a great product. Thanks. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I absolutely love the Blood & Lymphatic formula. I always use this when I start to feel sluggish. I can always feel a difference within 24 - 48 hours. I love the convenience of the capsules and I keep a spare in my office. It's a staple in our apothecary at home!! Thank you DHerbs. You continue to be a lifesaver. *
57 results

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