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Reviews: Blood & Lymphatic

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  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I've been using Blood & Lymphatic Formula for close to a year now. I started because I wanted to do a gradual detox. I am quite pleased with the results. What impresses me the most is when my friends ask me what I am doing that makes my skin look so good. I tell them to start from the inside out by using this formula! Thanks dherbs! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The Blood & Lymphatic formula is a GREAT! I purchased this because I have eczema on my hands and feet. I purchased a bottle in September, and have been taking it on and off. I have noticed my skin starting to clear; however I have had outbreaks on and off, I Think I need to drink more water! I will certainly purchase another bottle! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I heard about Dherbs a few years ago by a woman doing the Total Female Cleanse. I was led to come by here when my acne started flaring up again out of the blue. Needless to say, in as little as 5 days, my acne cleared up. I have been taking the blood and lymphatic formula once a day (3-4 capsules) ever since November and my skin is in excellent shape. Very grateful for this product. Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Purchased the blood and lymphatic formula. Its great, it gives me energy and my skin looks really good. It also helps with circulation. Great product to have!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This product gives immediate results. I began to feel better by the first day. I felt different and by the 2nd day I saw the swelling begin to disappear. This is the best product that I HAVE EVER TRIED. I WILL CONTINUE TO USE THESE PRODUCTS THAT THEY ARE SELLING. I also sent my family member the information for various different illness. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    My lymph nodes were swollen for 2-3 weeks after my virus symptoms had surpassed. Nothing would regulate them. Then I got Blood and Lymphatic herbs and within a week, give or take, my nodes regulated!!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I love this formula. I usually take this right after I eat or right before going to bed. This formula doesn't mention it, but it helps me go to the bathroom.I feel like when I use this product, my skin glows!The bathrooom situation usually happens in the morning. All in all, I love this product. I usually alternate between this product and the Moringa & Blackseed formula. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The blood & lymphatic is working well for me. No matter what I took my energy levels would drop around 3pm. I started to use the activated charcoal for a change in removing waste and the blood & lymphatic was recommended. I feel great! My energy is not dropping and Im starting to drink more water. I think I will continue to use it. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    My lymphatic system was really backed up prior to purchasing the blood & lymphatic formula. Now my circulation is much better and I'm not congested as much. Thanks dherbs!!! *
48 results

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