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Reviews: Blood & Lymphatic

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  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I became a vegetarian 6 months ago to help rid myself of the toxins in my body that were making me sluggish and tired. A friend told about the products on Dherbs that can help. I tried out the Blood and Lymphatic formula and after 2 weeks, I could see and felt a difference. The little blemishes I had on my face has cleared up and my energy levels are up! I had gone to a naturopathic doctor last week to do a ion foot cleanse and after 45 mins, the water had barely changed color. The doctor and i were both shocked! She said out of all her patients, this was the lightest she has ever seen the water. My body is practically rid of all toxins and impurities. Thanks Dherbs! I am also taking this formula with Hair Skin and Nails and it has helped with my hair growth as well. My mother is now interested in taking some formulas on Dherbs as well. :) Keep up the good work! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This product (Blood & Lymphatic Formula) is one of the greatest products I have tried; I started using this product in April 2009 with the cleanse kit (Full Body Cleanse), during the cleanse I noticed the difference in my ankle. I read about this individual product on the website and started ordering more of these products, this is the first Summer I didn’t have any problems with fluid; it seems to be assisting my lymphatic system as Iv'e noticed great improvements. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I would break out so I tried this product to cleanse my blood. Slowly but surely I saw a difference in my face. I'm going to order it again and anyone should too! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    In the past, my skin would usually flare up on the right side (only) of my face during menses; So, being both knowledgeable of toxicity in the blood and frustrated when it began to flare up on the left side I knew that I needed to cleanse my blood. After ingesting the first eight pills (free will) of Blood & Lymphatic Formula I saw the cleansing take effect immediately. I also used the Oz-oil (another Dherbs product) to massage my face. Yes, I did continue to flare up but it was such at a minimum that after two months of using this product, I no longer became frustrated because I knew that healing was taking place; in addition, I am more calm and insightful holistically. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE... AND LIFESTYLE is the KEY Yeah! You will NOT be disappointed with this product!!! Debra *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Although at first I took the pills inconsistently, I've found that with consistent usage, the pills seem to sustain clearer skin. I will definitely keep up with these pills. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This product is the best!!! I have only used it once, but I saw a great effect of it when I did use it. I wasn't breaking out with pimples, and my skin was clear. I just love it! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I am using the Blood & Lymphatic Formula along with the Cardio-Vascular Formula, Prostate Formula, and Jackrabbit Formula's. I have been sleeping so much better through the night, waking up very strong in the morning, more alert and mindful throughout the day. These Four are Fantastic! Very highly recommended. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I have been using your Blood & Lymphatic formula, along with the MSM sulfur, for over two months and I have noticed that the dark spots on the joints of my fingers , toes and elbows have faded away. Before trying your formula, I was tempted to use a bleaching cream to lighten the discolorations, but your formulas seem to have treated the problem. Now, my skin is beautiful and even toned all over. You are a true genius...Keep up the good work! Erma *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This product has shown me very positive results in a very short time. I have issues with inflammation and joint pain. I have noticed improvements while taking this product and the Anti-V Formula. And let me also add that I feel more focused and not off balance or struggling with the brain fog, as i was prior to using this product. Thanks so much!! *
57 results

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