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  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I absolutely love the Blood & Lymphatic formula. I always use this when I start to feel sluggish. I can always feel a difference within 24 - 48 hours. I love the convenience of the capsules and I keep a spare in my office. It's a staple in our apothecary at home!! Thank you DHerbs. You continue to be a lifesaver. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Blood & Lymphatic is a great product. It help clear up my skin and it makes you feel great throughout the day!!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This product is great! I do feel as if it's cleansing my blood. When taking it, I feel more energetic and my body gets waste out of my circulation. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Purchased the blood and lymphatic formula. Its great, it gives me energy and my skin looks really good. It also helps with circulation. Great product to have!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    This Blood & Lymphatic Formula is the truth. I use to have skin irritation but it has all cleared up due to this wonderful formula. I also changed my diet to mainly veggies!!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    The blood and lymphatic formula is a great product I'll continue to use, it has greatly improved the circulation to my legs. I've recommended this product to my family and friends. *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    Great formula (Blood & Lymphatic Formula), my skin is so much clearer!! THANK YOU!! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I ordered this product because I know that every time I have breakouts on my face, my eyes are consistently red and I feel sluggish, it is time for a body cleanse. I always start with a blood cleanser. I have tried other blood cleansers and none of them match the potency of this one. With consistant use, my eyes and face cleared almost instantly and I feel great already. Thank you for this wonderful cleanser! *
  • Blood & Lymphatic

    I became a vegetarian 6 months ago to help rid myself of the toxins in my body that were making me sluggish and tired. A friend told about the products on Dherbs that can help. I tried out the Blood and Lymphatic formula and after 2 weeks, I could see and felt a difference. The little blemishes I had on my face has cleared up and my energy levels are up! I had gone to a naturopathic doctor last week to do a ion foot cleanse and after 45 mins, the water had barely changed color. The doctor and i were both shocked! She said out of all her patients, this was the lightest she has ever seen the water. My body is practically rid of all toxins and impurities. Thanks Dherbs! I am also taking this formula with Hair Skin and Nails and it has helped with my hair growth as well. My mother is now interested in taking some formulas on Dherbs as well. :) Keep up the good work! *
62 results

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