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Reviews: Bowel Motion Tea

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  • Bowel Motion Tea

    Whenever I'm backed up...I take these ...it says take 3 but 2 does it for me. It is great on the stomach and will not cause cramping. These pills are costly but well worth the price. I keep these pills handy. Over the counter products hurt my stomach, they cause cramping, abdominal pain and are hard on the stomach. Dherbs products are a must in my household. I tell all my friends and family about Dherbs products. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I really like the Bowel Motion Tea! My son has been having problems with his eyes being yellow because of sickle cell anemia, but after drinking the bowel motion tea they have been white ever since. This tea really cleans his system. Thank you, Dherbs! *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I've been using this tea for about 2 weeks. I drink a cup every night and it keeps me regular every morning. This tea does not have you running to the bathroom and does not mess with your stomach. I have also noticed that my stomach is also going down and I'm not bloated like I used to be. I'm about to order the 20 day cleanse but I will definitely be ordering more of this tea. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    This tea is GREAT! it does exactly what it says it will do. I've used other products before however, this is the fastest and most effective one I've used. I will continue using it because it gives me the results I was looking for. Thank you DHERBS!! *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    This tea is great it truly helps cleansing. I drink it at night before I go to sleep. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    The Bowel Mover Tea is actually very tasty, and it relaxes me. I drink this before I go to sleep and the results the next morning are fantastic!! *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    BOWEL MOVER tea is a GREAT tea to use for infants who are having trouble with having a proper bowel movement. My daughter not only loved drinking the tea, but it works fairly quickly, and she hasn't had any problems. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I love the Bowel Mover Tea.This is only tea that works for constipation. What I noticed is that there is absolutely no cramping and abdominal distress with this tea, it gives good releases. This tea compliments the Bowel Mover Formula. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    The bowel mover tea is just as good as the bowel mover tablets. I have used both and THEY ARE THE ONLY THING that helps me be REGULAR. For years I used over the counter products and they really didn't work. I feel SOOOOOOOOO Much better now. My brother found this site and now the whole family uses the different products. *
27 results

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