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Reviews: Bowel Motion

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  • Bowel Motion

    The bowel motion formula is good for everyday flow of your system. I was very satisfied that it was not harsh and it did exactly what it said. *
  • Bowel Motion

    While this product did work, it didn't work as effectively as I'd hoped. Maybe the concentration can be modified to match that of the colon &digestive tract supplement that's included in the full body cleanse, which works wonders. *
  • Bowel Motion

    I so wish this worked for me like it seems to work for most other people. I took it multiple times and usually, it didn't really do anything. I only 'went' a couple of times and I'm not even sure if it was because of the product or just coincidence. I'm currently doing the Full Body Cleanse and when I finish that, I plan on trying it again. *
  • Bowel Motion

    I think the product (Bowel Mover) works. However it loses its effectiveness if you do not take it every day. It give you slight cramping but not too bad. *
  • Bowel Motion

    Bowel Motions met my expectations. I made this purchase to help move along all the intake of holiday eating. Great for keeping a flat stomach...don't forget those crunches though to keep the stomach tight. *
  • Bowel Motion

    The product is good, but I think I saw better results when I took as part of an overall package as opposed to just by itself. Taking by itself did not produce release every day, but taking as an overall package it pretty much did. I believe it was the weight release one if I’m not mistaken. Great products, and I will continue to recommend to friends and family, just like someone recommended to me J. I hope my feedback was helpful! Thank You! *
  • Bowel Motion

    The product works just expected more maybe should have followed diet plan. *
  • Bowel Motion

    This is a natural motivator for a natural body function. It doesn't induce the discomforts caused by laxatives such as cramps and bloating. But when you feel the urge, GO! *
  • Bowel Motion

    This product has been effective in assisting me with regular bowel movements; however, it appears the efficacy has minimized over time, as I have been taking the product for over a year on a consistent basis. *
266 results

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Bowel Motion 4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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