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Reviews: Brain Booster

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  • Brain Booster

    The Brain Booster is one of my favorite DHerbs products. I’m a part-time student and this product helps me retain information and keeps me focused. Thank you DHerbs!!! *
  • Brain Booster

    I noticed that my daughter was not focusing in school, so I purchased Dherbs Brain Booster for her. Within 1 month, I noticed that she was more focused and concentrating more on school assignments. Thanks Dherbs for all that you do. *
  • Brain Booster

    I work as a supervisor in a high paced job where my memory is essential to what I do. I noticed that with the Brain Booster, my memory improved greatly and my ability to retain info and names did also. I ran out and since then, I've noticed that I didn't have the same abilities as I had when I was taking it. I highly recommend this product and am actually ordering another bottle today! *
  • Brain Booster

    Before taking the Brain Booster, I had problems with remembering details and focusing. In fact, many times I had read literature/instructions a few times because the comprehension was not there due to distractions. I now an able to focus quicker and remember even the most minute detail with no problem. This product works wonderfully for children and adults (including seniors). I know that in fact because I have also given this product to my family and they have likewise experienced great results. I will certainly be re-ordering Brain Booster very soon. *
  • Brain Booster

    My son has ADHD and he has tremendously improved his concentration in school and feels that he is even able to finish his work faster. *
  • Brain Booster

    The Brain Tuner Formula is a great product! It gave me mental clarity and aided greatly in my preparation for exams, etc. *
  • Brain Booster

    Need a brain tune up here it is. This is a great product for the job, after an hour i began to feel the result clearer thinking, more focus, and energy. If i had to name this product it would be called "Brain Windex" the reason? clearer,cleaner-,focused,energi-zed thinking, use of my brain with out a doubt!!! Red Bull and all that other crap! Fall Back! "Brain Tuner Tea" is where its at!!! This truly a great product!!! Don't get left behind, Brain Tune your Mind! Charles & Yawanna Green *
  • Brain Booster

    The brain tuner tea is PERFECT! More clearer thinking, intuition enhanced, more concentration! *
  • Brain Booster

    This product was most helpful as I prepared for and passed an eight hour engineering exam. My memory and mental clarity were in peak form throughout the test. Brain Tuner is ideal for students and professionals. *
37 results

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