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Reviews: Brain Booster

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  • Brain Booster

    I work as a supervisor in a high paced job where my memory is essential to what I do. I noticed that with the Brain Booster, my memory improved greatly and my ability to retain info and names did also. I ran out and since then, I've noticed that I didn't have the same abilities as I had when I was taking it. I highly recommend this product and am actually ordering another bottle today! *
  • Brain Booster

    Before taking the Brain Booster, I had problems with remembering details and focusing. In fact, many times I had read literature/instructions a few times because the comprehension was not there due to distractions. I now an able to focus quicker and remember even the most minute detail with no problem. This product works wonderfully for children and adults (including seniors). I know that in fact because I have also given this product to my family and they have likewise experienced great results. I will certainly be re-ordering Brain Booster very soon. *
  • Brain Booster

    My son has has issues in school and he has tremendously improved his concentration and feels that he is even able to finish his work faster. *
  • Brain Booster

    This works extremely well for my son who is ADHD. Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas break I took the change and removed him from his normal medicine and replaced it with the Brain Booster. I honestly think the natural way is better *
  • Brain Booster

    Brain Booster helped me to stay focus and my remember was a lot better when I was taking the product. I do plan on ordering Brain Booster again. Thank you DHerbs. *
  • Brain Booster

    I purchased the Brain Booster for my daughter and it helps her stay focus in school. *
  • Brain Booster

    Great product to have when you are having a hard time focusing in school. *
  • Brain Booster

    I am a 32 year old woman with 3 children, 2 of them are twin babies, and I am single. So I am busy busy busy and it has been so hard to focus on my schooling and my job this past year. I have always had issues as a child in school with focusing and retaining information. Back then, ADHD or ADD was not a label put on me, but as an adult I know that I have always struggled with issues similar to ADD. It almost makes me want to cry to tell you that this product is helping me excel again! I am getting through my classes with ease, I am somehow calmer with my children and not so easily aggravated, I am arriving to work earlier and I am focused and I feel good. Thank you so much DHERB! This one product has helped me so much in a short amount of time and I know I can achieve my goals now that I can focus! Thank you thank you thank you! *
  • Brain Booster

    This formula allows you to think clearly, and get your day organized and started. Instead of panicking over your day to day tasks, you can do them with ease with the brain booster formula. *
42 results

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