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Reviews: Cardiovascular Tea

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  • Cardiovascular Tea

    Great product,I'm very much satisfied with the results. I purchased this in January for my mom and she has stopped taking her regular pills prescribed the doctor,she has been taking warfarin for quite sometime now. We are going to try a few more products and will be sure to leave reviews. Once again thank you Dherbs for such fine products. *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    This tea is great my husband and I have seen positive results..less acid reflux, blood pressure regulated..and it taste great..would definitely recommend! *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    Another great relaxing tea. I am very satisfied with the results from the cardiovascular tea. Another great tea for me to re-order. Thank you D Herbs. *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    Well I just want to say I love this tea. Doctors told me to get on beta blockers but so far NO fast heart beat. Next month I will see the dr. *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    I found that this tea helped with my overall circulation and cholesterol level. *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    Thank you Dherbs! This formula *keeps my blood moving!* *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    5 star!!! All your products is a 100 to me. I can't be without it. All it does for my heart is helping me. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    Like I may have noted before I love to dance and get my cardio on, so the Hearty Heart Tea is just another one of those wonderful products that ensure my blood is flowing healthy. *
  • Cardiovascular Tea

    Good product for the heart and it had a cleansing effect for me. *
9 results

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Cardiovascular Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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