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Reviews: Circulation Aid

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  • Circulation Aid

    This is a good product to take for any circulation disorder. If I am experiencing poor circulation in my arms or legs, I just take 3 of these capsules. When I take it on a regular basis, I do not experience the symptoms of poor circulation at all! God bless you Dherbs for bringing us back to nature. Your products work miracles! *
  • Circulation Aid

    I ordered the circulation-aid formula for my sister. That formula saved me, and made her blood circulation much better. I now know how to get out the doghouse. She's not complaining about the swelling in her foot anymore, and although it is not completely gone, it is much better. She doesn't take to meds to well, because she says that they contain it too many harmful ingredients. She fully trust the herbs that are combined in Dherbs products, and has started a chart for better food choices, and exercises to go along with circulation-aid. She loves the product thanks Dherbs * *
  • Circulation Aid

    This is a great herb to take for swelling in your feet, I was so happy to see the swelling in my feet go down. Now I can wear my shoes. This is a herb you don't want to be without. DHerbs has the best Herbs on the market! This senior Loves DHerbs High Quality Products! *
  • Circulation Aid

    This product has helped to ease the tingling & foot stinging foot pain that my 81 year young mother sometimes has. (not diabetic) *
  • Circulation Aid

    I love this one, I am using it in conjunction with the eye formula and I feel like it really helps sharpen my eyesight! I used it every day till the bottle was empty and I also had less headaches which is nice. I wish I had bought a second bottle but I ran out of money then. No side effects, it really works well. I felt good while taking it all together. *
  • Circulation Aid

    I liked the circulation aid product. I felt more energized. *
  • Circulation Aid

    My husband and I have used the Circulation Aid product and found it to be beneficial to eliminating swelling in our feet. I have successfully completed the Full Body Cleanse, Maintenance Package and now the Circulation Aid formula. It is worth trying if you are unsure. *
  • Circulation Aid

    I have been using the Circulation Aid for about 3 months and I have notice a difference in my wrist. I was having pain in my both of my wrist since I started taking the circulation aid the pain is completely gone. Thank you Dherbs for this wonderful product. *
  • Circulation Aid

    We tried this product a family member who was complaining of body aches at night mostly in her legs. This seemed to help a lot with her circulation and after using the formula a few times, she already notices a huge diffence. Thanks Dherbs for delivering on your promises. *
17 results

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