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Reviews: Circulation Aid

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  • Circulation Aid

    This is a good product to take for any circulation disorder. If I am experiencing poor circulation in my arms or legs, I just take 3 of these capsules. When I take it on a regular basis, I do not experience the symptoms of poor circulation at all! God bless you Dherbs for bringing us back to nature. Your products work miracles! *
  • Circulation Aid

    This is a great herb to take for swelling in your feet, I was so happy to see the swelling in my feet go down. Now I can wear my shoes. This is a herb you don't want to be without. DHerbs has the best Herbs on the market! This senior Loves DHerbs High Quality Products! *
  • Circulation Aid

    I ordered the circulation-aid formula for my sister. That formula saved me, and made her blood circulation much better. I now know how to get out the doghouse. She's not complaining about the swelling in her foot anymore, and although it is not completely gone, it is much better. She doesn't take to meds to well, because she says that they contain it too many harmful ingredients. She fully trust the herbs that are combined in Dherbs products, and has started a chart for better food choices, and exercises to go along with circulation-aid. She loves the product thanks Dherbs * *
  • Circulation Aid

    This product is the best. I no longer experience tingling sensations. My arm no longer falls asleep at night. I was truly amazed. Great for improving your body circulation. Love it!! *
  • Circulation Aid

    This product worked very well for me. I have and will continue to purchase and use it. Thanks *
  • Circulation Aid

    This is a great product. I'm a diabetic and I can tell you it helps with your circulation. *
  • Circulation Aid

    I take these daily and I have noticed my heart rate seems better with these. I believe this is good for circulation health in your body. *
  • Circulation Aid

    This product is great, worked well for my poor circulation. *
  • Circulation Aid

    Yes it definitely is a great product. I will order some more. *
26 results

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Circulation Aid 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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