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Reviews: Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

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  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    I had this skin issue in the area around my butthole. It will itch like no other and i'll scratch it like there's no tomorrow making the skin there tender and bleed. It will become wet all the time and its so annoying. I had this condition for a couple of months. I bought all the anti-itch, anti-bacterial creams, anti-fungal creams but to no avail. It will still itch and scratchy. Until i found Healing Oil. I applied it right away as soon as i had it then i felt it working right away because it stung the skin but afterwards the itchy feeling was gone. Two weeks after the itching disappeared and the whole area there dried up. Thanks for formulating a very effective oil. I'll recommend this to my friends. *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    I have been using this on my face around my lips and it has really helped the deep wrinkles smooth out a bit. Also, been using it on my feet....it has really been good for my dry heals. I think the product is great and I am truly satisfied. *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    Healing Facial and Body Oil work perfectly I really appreciate what I spent my money for it is a very good oil you do not have to use much just a little you will see very good results. I will buy more but not at this time. Thank you so much for such a very good product. May God bless you. *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    This oil is amazing, the feel of it on my skin is comforting as a person that has been diagnosed with cancer. I use it on every part of my body and the results are wonderful.The scent is herbal and floral. I would recommend this product to anyone that is having challenges with healing their skin or just for daily usage without any skin issues. Great product I have ordered it at least three time event though it is a bit pricey for the quantity. *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    Healing Skin Oil is another great product by Dherbs...does very well in treating my dry skin. *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    I ordered the Healing Skin Oil about 3 weeks ago for a friend. After being treated at the dr's office for several months she still didn't see any improvments but after using the Healing Facial and Body Oil, the 2nd week she began to see a big change. Dherbs products are great. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    Oh My Goodness! The Healing Skin Oil is amazing and it smells extremely good. Some people I showed it too said it smells horrible but of course they are the unconscious and half dead! I put it on my face before I went to sleep and I woke up looking really beautiful... like my skin looked kind of like it was glowing and it was so soft. I also occasionally use it as a lip gloss, even though I have to keep applying it a few times it really is clearing up these dark spots on my lips! Love it! *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    I've been using the healing skin oil for about 3 months. It is very effective in its rejuvenating process. I use it on my skin and I noticed the process taking place within a week! (So true). Its not oily and I use it with my oz oil. It has an herbal scent you will get use to after the first week. You will do yourself a great service if you try this oil. It really works!! Love It!! *
  • Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

    The Healing Skin Oil is very effective in treating dry skin, especially in the winter months. I also use it on my face a few times a week, and it keeps my skin young looking and very hydrated. A little bit of this product goes a long way. It absorbs into the skin very quickly, and it is not greasy at all. Thanks Dherbs for doing what you do. *
17 results

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