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  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    This oil has been absolutely amazing for my skin.. Cuts and a burns that I had was healed fast and smoothly.. *
  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    I tried so many different ointments of all sorts for my dry skin. This oil is really good. It has healed many dry areas on my body in less than 2 weeks. I've used it as a hair oil as well and it doesn't way my hair down and it looks much healthier. Thank you for the great products. *
  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    This product definitely works. Moisturizes and heals extremely dry skin. A superior skin product. *
  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    I am in my 2nd trimester, and I have absolutely no signs of stretch marks, when used EVERYDAY, thanks to this Healing Skin Oil!! *
  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    I purchased the healing face & body oil several months ago because my daughter suffers from eczema. I intended on using the oil solely for her, but ended up using it for myself also. I am always skeptical of putting cleansers or oils on our face or body due to massive chemicals that accompany most products and because we both have sensitive skin. I had a breakout on my entire face where it was flushed with an apparent rash and itching very badly. I read the positive reviews on this oil and with that decided to try go ahead and use it. I put the oil on my face in the morning and the evening after washing my face with an all natural soap. In 3 days, the itching completely went away, my face was back to my normal color. My moles on my neck had also shrunken in size and I am glowing again. My daughter's skin is much brighter and she has fewer eczema breakouts. I still have some oil left. A little surely dies go a long way. I will be ordering more soon. Oh to add, I got sun burned badly on my arms and face this summer during a parade and this oil cleared that as well in 2 days. These DHERBS products are a God send. Please continue with your calling of continuing to bring all natural products our way. The all natural alternative route is the best route. *
  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    Rather expensive, so I use it very little, but it is helpful. *
  • Face and Body Oil (8 oz)

    I liked the application of this product and l like the way it made my skin feel with the first application, but shortly after that maybe 2 to 3 hours, my skin would feel very dry again. I think it would work well for others whose skin is not as dry as mine. My skin is severely dry. *
16 results

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