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  • Female Breast Formula

    I noticed an improvement in my breasts after taking the Female Breast Formula. Thanks! *
  • Female Breast Formula

    IT WORKS! It made my breasts fuller! I have full C's, but after doing 2 Dherbs cleanses in a row they were smaller than usual, not filling my bras as much as they used to. I even had a friend comment on how small they were looking. I lost weight all over from the cleanses. After only 2 weeks of taking the Female Breast Formula my breasts were back in full force. They feel even more amazing now though! I love this product! *
  • Female Breast Formula

    Great will buy again. I can feel the difference. I enjoy taking supplement. *
  • Female Breast Formula

    I have only been using the Female Breast Formula for a month and I already see results. Great product! *
  • Female Breast Formula

    I have been taking this (Female Breasts Formula) for a month, as a result I no longer deal with breast pain. I also have incorporated the breast oil (Female Breast Oil) into a daily ritual as well. They are both awesome products that I am glad I invested in! *
  • Female Breast Formula

    First and foremost I love Dherbs products!!! From the uterus formula to the breast formula!! I have order many others items but don't remember them but I know they did what I needed them too!! As for the breast formula my breasts are perky for a 45 year old mother of 3. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars because the Dherb Breast Oil is 5 stars!!! The oil cost more but you literally feel your breast tingling and the visible change is awesome!! #Dherbs #truefan *
  • Female Breast Formula

    Thanks for wanting a response on this product ~ Female Breast Formula.....I didn't experience anything from this product....It might be a product you would have to use a few times to see some results...I will re-order to take on a back to back basis to see if I can notice a change...Thanks D-Herbs your products are amazingā¤ *
25 results

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