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Reviews: Iron Formula

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  • Iron Formula

    I really love the Iron Formula! I were light headed and dizzy due to low iron deficiency and low hemoglobin. The Dr. diagnose me as being anemia. The iron formula takes a while to kick in, but if your're looking for a natural alternative ion formula will help. I also used organic Molasses too which is natural. Both will aid in the process of iron deficiency. *
  • Iron Formula

    For many years, I've suffered greatly from poor circulation causing cold hands and feet. Also recently, I have noticed dark circles under my eyes, indicating a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Also, I am vegetarian, i eat no meat or fish, so for fear that I may be slightly anemic (iron deficient), I began taking the dherbs iron phosphate supplement. OTC iron supplements have always been too harsh on my stomach and would cause constipation. This formula is gentle and I will continue to take it regularly to strengthen my blood. I would definitely recommended it to others who haven't had any success with traditional iron pills. Also, I am happy to report that the dark circles under my eyes are already diminishing! *
  • Iron Formula

    I have only used the Iron Phosphate for one month and my anemic blood levels are slowly increasing thankfully. My energy level is also somewhat up. I believe this product is working although I am trying additional products to boost my blood levels. I hope to check back and update as I continue with this product. Thanks. *
  • Iron Formula

    My wife is anemic and when she has her personal monthly moments she feels weak with no energy. The doctor PRESCRIBED her medications it made her feel nausea. I suggested using Dherbs iron and she no longer feels the way she felt taking TOXIC meds. The reason I give it 4stars instead of 5 is she is scheduled to go to the doctor and have her blood count checked. We are expecting good news. Will follow up with results. *
  • Iron Formula

    Hello; There I have been using iron phosphate for a while, I suffer from high anemia caused by fibroids. though it is too early to tell. I find dherbs iron supplement non constipating and very easy to swallow. The herbal formula of the supplement agrees with me. I do not throw up like I did with other iron supplements. Keep up the Good Work Garolyn. *
  • Iron Formula

    The Iron Phosphate is the best supplement formula to take. I was anemic till I started taking this product daily and it has increased my energy levels, I am no longer sluggish and guess what? I don't depend on beef or chicken liver to replace the iron any longer. That was all a myth that was passed from generations within my family. As long as you change your diet and take the Iron Phosphate, you are good to go. Guaranteed! *
  • Iron Formula

    Looking forward to my next bottle of Iron Phosphate. I am on my 2nd bottle and have really noticed an increase in energy. I was experiencing lightheadedness, dizziness and fatigue previously and realized I needed to add something to my regimen. All those symptoms are decreasing and I'm feeling an all around "well being" feeling. I encourage you to buy these herbs! *
52 results

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