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  • Iron Tea

    Taste good! Good for you! I even mixed one cup of tea with a bag of this and one thats for Hair, Skin, and Nails, and it was wonderful. No sweeteners needed! Get your iron family! *
  • Iron Tea

    I was very surprised at how good this tea (Iron Phosphate tea) tastes! My doctor said that my iron levels were extremely low and this was an easy and effective way to boost my energy levels. I would order this, again. *
  • Iron Tea

    I drink the Iron Phosphate tea everyday, and I have to say when I drink it along with taking the Iron Phosphate Supplement, I get an extra boost of Iron. My hematocrit spikes up, and nothing else does this to me. I feel the sudden burst of energy from it. I am so glad that this tea exist! Thanks again Dherbs..This is one of your best teas.. *
  • Iron Tea

    I love how this tea tastes plain. I'm drinking this along side the cardiovascular supplement. So far my blood pressure is improving with NO MEDICINE! *
  • Iron Tea

    Energy levels have definitely increased within 3-4 days of using this product. I don't feel the usual fatigue throughout my day and I don't get as cold as I normally would. I can't wait for the results after using for a longer period of time. I would recommend this product to anyone that gets cold often due to low iron levels and those that need a little pick me up from low iron. *
  • Iron Tea

    I love this tea (Iron Phosphate tea), especially when it's that time of month. I also take blackstrap molasses and its wonderful, I don't feel so tired. Thanks Dherbs, I trust in your products so much! I recommend things to friends and family all the time :) *
  • Iron Tea

    I feel more energetic when I have a cup of iron tea. *
7 results

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