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  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    This tea is great! Whenever I am sick, I combine this tea with the Liver-Gallbladder-Spleen tea (2 or more times a day) and it seems to do the trick. Within a day or two, I am better. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    The Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenal tea is great!! My family is so thankful for this tea that can help get rid of gallstones. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    I loved the tea. The taste was great. I am ordering again in 3 months. This time I'll do the whole body cleanse. Very satisfied. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    I am very pleased with the result after using kidney & bladder adrenal cleanse along with the kidneys bladder & adrenal tea. After having lab work done l am pleased to say the numbers of my kidney function test was amazing. I will definitely be taking the cleanse along with the tea more often. My Dr. Was threatening dialysis. So thank you. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    I'm highly satisfied with the Kidneys bladder and adrenals tea. It does everything that it's advertised to do and more. Would highly recommend this product. Thanks again Dherbs. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    This is some great tea. It definitely clean out your kidneys. My bladder seems like it is working overtime to relieve a lot toxic. I will buy this again. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

    Good tasting tea that made me feel better with more energy. Good product. *
7 results

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