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  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

    This product is wonderful Ican feel the difference I don't have to go pee all the time and I don't have the urge with very little urine anymore *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

    For a couple of days I would have an off and on pain in my kidney area and it was my fault for drinking soda. I ordered the kidney, bladder and adrenals product as soon as I could and I've been taking it for about a week and I'm feeling so much better. I calmed down the soda drinking as well. THANK YOU DHERBS! *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

    After taking the Kidneys - Bladder and Adrenal product I feel more energy. I will continue to take this product long term. Thanks. *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

    After taking this (Kidneys-Bladder and Adrenal) for 1 to 2 weeks, I can feel improvement in my kidneys. The acupuncture point which corresponds to the kidney used to be very sensitive and sore to the touch but now I can massage the point without hurting. This to me proves that my kidneys are slowly but surely being strengthened. On a side note, I used to suffer from period cramps. Amazingly my cramps disappeared after taking this product. I did a search online and realize that the cramps could be due to kidney weakness and thus explain my healing. Thank you so much! *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

    This product is good in addition to drinking lots of alkaline water and cranberry juice :-) *
  • Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

    My left kidney has bothered me for years. This product has aesed the pain and the color of my urine has improved. I will continue to use it. *
15 results

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